Thursday, January 23, 2014

Your Personal Apocalypse

Your Personal Apocalypse

Your personal apocalypse,
 your private Babylon,
 your polo horses, pool, and manicured lawn,
 the edifice is crumbling, what more is there to say.

I see you in the hallway,
 but the house is burning down ,
 a fool , a jester, prince without a crown.
 politician banksters, world renowned .

 Boarded windows,
 locks on doors,
 people seeking answers not found in any stores.
 You fear tomorrow coming,
 but your standing in the door !

 In the halls of government,
  hypocrisy abounds,
  money lenders in the temple,
  play monopoly with clowns.
  Get up, take a bow !

 Your personal apocalypse,
  your private Babylon,
  your polo horses , pool and manicured lawn,
  edifices crumbling, what more is there to say .

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