Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Rags of Liberty

An original song in commemoration of the death of the Bill of Rights at the hands of the two corporate parties .

The fact that it was a democratic administration which asked that the language exempting American citizens from indefinite detention without charges be removed from the NDAA is lost on very few .

The remarkable bipartisan enthusiasm displayed for legislation which clears the way for the military to operate on American soil should be an epiphany for all those still sleeping .

Nothing illustrates the depth of this betrayal of the oath of office better than the passage of the NDAA and it’s being signed into law by a man who ran as a constitutional law expert and predicated his campaign for the presidency on fixing the grave abuses to that document under Bush and the neoconservatives .
                   Good luck out there .

                     The Rags of Liberty

They don’t serve cupcakes in this jai.
indefinitely detained here , no charges evidence or bail ,
My advice ?
Be careful with your mail.
Keep opinions to yourself or you’ll end up in a cell .
Bipartisan consensus, the government has finally come to it’s collective senses .

“Torturer , that could be a good occupation . I mean if in you can’t find work flippin hamburgers !”
My living room is front and center . In America’s global holy war on terror .

“Whadda you worried about , your innocent ,. You don’t even have an opinion !”
At least now you can be happy knowing that your never really alone !

“Who needs rights anyway , I don’t care , you can assassinate my children !”

You say you can bug my telephone,
Geo locate me when and where I roam.
I once felt safest in my home,
then I committed treason when I wrote this silly poem.
They can torture people as they please ,
use a bloody scalpel between your navel and your knees,
You never get a lawyer, not when your seized,
they feel about the constitution the way a leper feels towards his disease .

” Just wave that flag faster ,maybe they won’t notice us !”

My living room is front and center , In America’s global holy war on terror.

“The Bill of Rights ? Didn’t I already pay for that ?”

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