Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Day Keeps Getting Better

Okay somebody pinch me .

The Baucus Bill is dead , or at least appears to be without major changes . Killed not once but twice in the Senate . First by Rockefeller in the finance committee , then by Rolland Burris ,who promised to vote against it on the Senate floor without a public option , leaving only 59 votes for it's passage ,60 votes being necessary for cloture . Progressives in the house had already pledged to kill any bill without a strong public option .

According to Howard Dean at least 218 House and 51 Senate Democrats have said they would vote for the final health care bill if it included the choice of a public option . Now, of course, it remains to be seen what kind of public option they'll be voting for , but still a very welcome about face for a plan that was said to have withered on the vine only yesterday .

Then the news that Obama will not go through with the construction the planned missile shield in Eastern Europe with which the Bush administration had been surrounding Russia . Later the news that a group of US Senators has unveiled legislation aiming to strip telecommunications companies of immunity from lawsuits on domestic spying , Fisa revisited .

If this wasn't enough Bill O'Reilly tells his viewers that while the public option is dead , he actually supports it .Okay I do believe in unicorns .Happy Constitution Day !

The Lady and the Unicorn
arr / John Renbourne
mistakes by freeman

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