Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reigning in the Patriot Act and FISA revisited

Russ Feingold , Bernie Sanders and a group of other senators introduced new legislation on Thursday , constitution day ,to deal with three provisions set to expire this year in the Patriot Act , the so called roving wiretap , lone wolf and library provisions .

The justice act or "Judicious Use of Surveillance Tools in Counterterrorism Effort" Act would also amend several other provisions , not set to expire ,which many critics believe violate civil rights of Americans guaranteed under the constitution .

National Security Letters, which were struck down by a lower court and later upheld in Federal appeals court because the gag provision was deemed a violation of first amendment rights and the FISA amendments act ( FAA ) which granted telecommunications companies immunity from prosecution for helping the NSA listen in the the international phone calls of innocent Americans ,a clear violation of the fourth amendment .

Hearings will be held next week in both the house judiciary sub commitee and the senate judiciary committee on the patriot act . Contact your representatives and tell them to support these efforts !

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