Sunday, January 24, 2010

Opportunity and Treason

The Massachusetts election was a message to the establishment in Washington that they are too cozy with the banks, phrma, the health insurers, and wall street . Only a day later the Supreme court hands down a decision that amounts to treason, allowing corporations whose person hood is an obvious falsehood to trump the people’s voice in our faltering democracy .

The best solution in the wake of both the special election and this obscenity from the supreme court is to pass a constitutional amendment revoking the ridiculous claim of person hood for corporations and there by protections under the first amendment .

Entities which exist simultaneously all over the globe , who can clone themselves , have unlimited resources , never die and are comprised of many stockholders who are not American citizens are not people !

The arrogance of the five justices may yet turn out to be a blessing in disguise. However if this ruling stands, without a constitutional amendment to fix it ,the only place democracy will find a voice is in the streets !

The root of all our largest problems in Washington is the intrusion of corporations in our government .

All attempts at reform and to address the dire problems which confront our species on planet earth, war, poverty, and the environment are rebuffed and repelled by these moral less entities, who by there very legal definition exist solely to pursue profit for their stockholders.

This may well be the best opportunity we have ever been given to fix the root of the problem !

No problems only solutions !

Think of this ruling as part of the “healing process” . This is an opportunity !

Our opponent is off balance.

It has been a piece meal approach up till now .

By Scotus over stepping themselves they have left their flank exposed.

Just because they are rich and powerful doesn’t mean they’re smart.

Tell the democrats that the population which handed them an electoral defeat in Mass,because of bank bailouts and talk of a mandate unanimously agrees that corporations have too much power in their government!

Let any republican who wants to go down in defeat in November oppose such an amendment


  1. I kinda like the idea. It's like a disaster capitalism approach to the current events. Rather than rolling over and getting depressed, use the momentum created by the audacity of the recent SC decision to fuel a constitutional ammendment. works for lets just wait and see what motivation Obama offers us with his SOTU address tonight.

    nice blog freeman

  2. hey freeman, nice blog! You make some very valid points. I'm just sorry that the people over at TP don't place much trust in your bona fides, but we need voices like yours out there to penetrate even that bubble.

  3. Thanx kitty , once upon a time I considered TP the best blog out there but their obvious connections to the Obama administration have turned them into little more than the blue dogs propaganda site .
    Go figure