Monday, October 26, 2009

The corporations lawyers

Anyone who supports less than a robust public option ,Obama included , is legislating on behalf of corporations over the wishes of the the citizenry ,period .

According to the CBO the stronger the public option the larger the savings to the American people and today when asked by the press Harry Reid said ,” All the national polls show a wide majority of Americans support the public option ".

The American People when polled for decades have supported medicare for all at rates of near or above 70 % .

The public option has been pronounced dead and revived so often over the last several months as to make Lazarus dizzy solely it would seem as a result of a continuing uproar from the public.

What more need to be said ?

Why the debate ?

If the actual goal were to provide health care to the American people than anything else than other than universal coverage under a single payer system is garbage . If the goal is about keeping a system in place which allows the middle man ( insurers ) to drive the price up while providing nothing of actual benefit to the consumer than hot air and paperwork at great expense then congress is crafting a thing of art .

The debate is only about saving the corporations profits at the expense of the taxpayers wishes ,health and savings !

What could be more obvious !


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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A meeting with my senator's legal aide

I was in Washington DC recently and made an appointment to discuss the seeming death of our democracy with Senator Patty Murray's legal adviser , Andrew Rowe . We discussed , signing statements , posse comitatus , domestic spying , national security letters , indefinite detention , torture , several court cases involving the invocation of the state secrets defence by the administration , and the Patriot Act over about 45 minutes .

Mr. Rowe listened attentively to my concerns over a government that no longer follows it's own laws . The sheer volume of evidence that the Obama administration is embracing and even expanding many of the most egregious policies of the Bush years was obvious to both of us and when I finally pleaded that he tell me where I was wrong in this appraisal of the current state of affairs he looked very depressed and said he couldn't because he completely agrees with me and that the Senator is also VERY concerned .

Okay , I asked him what can the Senator do , in regards to these troubling policies . He pointed out that Patty Murray had voted against the Patriot Act in 2006 . He told me that as a legislator Mrs. Murrray could only do so much ,and that these policies would ultimately have to be challenged in the courts .